3 Big Mistakes All New Gym-Goers Make

Making the decision to join the gym is one that can benefit your life in multiple ways. You can use your membership to increase your fitness levels, help you to lose weight and make new friends. It’s also a fantastic way of trying out new sports and exercises that you’ve never experienced before. However, if you’ve never been to the gym before now, it can be easy to get flustered and overwhelmed. It can also leave you feeling unsure about how to get your new fitness regime started. While some mistakes are expected, too many could prevent you from progressing and making the most of your gym time. So if you’re a new gym-goer, here are some things you should avoid doing.

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Not warming up


When you’re building up the confidence to work out in front of others, it can be tempting not to warm up. This is often in a bid to a regime completed as quickly as possible. However, while it might save time, it can increase your risk of injury. Taking the time to warm up is important because it prepared your body for exercise. It gradually raises your heart rate, stretches your muscles and increases your blood flow. These can all enhance performance and lets your body work more effectively. So instead of feeling embarrassed, find a quiet corner where you can carry out some warm up exercises first. You’ll get far more respect if you do than if you don’t


Only sticking to one workout style


While it’s good to find a workout style that you enjoy, doing the same thing time and time again will get boring. This could force you to stop going to the gym altogether and will limit the results and progression you achieve. Your gym is bound to be full of machinery, classes and apparatus you can try. You might want to join a karate or dance classes once a week or take your workout outside. You could get help from a personal trainer who can develop a more varied routine for you to follow. This is ideal if you’re unfamiliar with the machines and need some guidance in how to use them effectively and safely.

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Not being patient


Many people start going to the gym, full of enthusiasm and targets they want to reach. But many of them will give up when they don’t immediately get the results they crave. Setting goals is recommended, but you need to give yourself sufficient time to achieve them. You’re never going to get dramatic results after one or two sessions. It takes patience and hard work to get into shape. Pushing your body too far and too soon could also cause injury and healthy concerns. So whether you want to lose weight or run a marathon, always remember that patience is key.


If any of these points sound familiar, it might be time to change your approach and attitude to the gym. So stop making excuses and start most positive gym habits today. This will help you get better results and give you to motivation to continue using your gym membership.


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