3 Hobbies That I Have Been Dying To Try

I am a real believer in trying out new things, especially things outside of my comfort zone. Yes, they can be scary, but without a little adventure in our lives, things would get pretty boring.


One of the best ways to try new things is by taking up new hobbies, well that’s what I have always thought, anyway. There are so many amazing hobbies out there, that choosing something to try can be a little overwhelming.


In the past, I have tried out some hobbies that I have hated, and others, like blogging, that I have absolutely fallen in love with. This is why I am so optimistic about trying new things – you never know where they could take you.


Want to know more about the three hobbies that I have been dying to try, as well as the reasons why? Yes – then keep reading, below:


  1. Playing an instrument

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I have always been somewhat of a music lover; my phone is crammed full of music of various genres. On a warm summer’s day, I enjoy nothing more than lazing in the garden listening to some of my favourite tunes.


My love of music is the reason that I have always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument. However, I never seem to have the time, or money, for it. There are so many amazing benefits of learning to play music, that it is something that, at some point or another, I will find the time for.


Of all the instruments out there, I think I would either like to learn to play the piano or the guitar. I am currently leaning more towards the piano than the guitar, purely because I fell in love with a Bechstein Piano that I saw online.


  1. Write a book

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Okay, so I’m not sure whether this one qualifies as a hobby, but it is something that I have always wanted to try. As I love writing, which I’m sure you can see from my blog, the idea of creating my own book has always appealed to me.


I don’t have the time for it at the moment, but hopefully, in a few years, I will do. I have always loved writing, and I know that writing a book would be the perfect hobby – or career, for me.


  1. Yoga

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Yoga is a form of exercise that has always interested me, and it is a hobby that I have always wanted to try. The main reason for this is, of course, the amazing health benefits that come with it.


Aside from being great for your body, yoga also has various health benefits for your mind. It can help to reduce stress, prevent mental illness and can help you to get a better night’s sleep. Another reason I would love to try yoga is because I’m not flexible and would love to change this. Yoga is meant to be great for improving your flexibility.


They might not be the most exciting hobbies in the world, but these are three things that I am dying to try.


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