3 Olympic Sports That Will Help You Get Fit, Fast!

The Rio Olympics is in full swing, and it’s inspired me to write this post. I’ve been watching some amazing athletes compete at the highest level for the last fortnight. And, it got me thinking, what sports would I like to do to get fit? So, I picked three interesting Olympic sports that are great for getting fit:

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If you’re like me, then you’ve been consumed by the cycling in this year’s Olympics. As per, we Brits came out on top and won pretty much all the gold medals. But, I’m not here to gloat, that’s not the purpose of this piece! I’m here to tell you that cycling is an incredible way to get fit. They have a race in the Olympics that’s 100 laps long. Do you have any idea how much stamina and strength you need to cycle for that long?!


Cycling gives your legs the best workout they’ve ever had. But, it’s also the best form of cardio out there – in my opinion. Going around that track is a great way to do some intense sprint interval training. Luckily, all the British success has made it easier to get into cycling these days. There are plenty of clubs up and down the country that you can join. Find a club, and they’ll help you buy all the right gear and get a proper track bike.

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Horse Riding

Don’t lie; we’ve all watched the horse riding in the Olympics and wondered what it’s doing in there. How is riding a horse around a small box a sport? Even when you add in some jumps, it still doesn’t feel like a proper sport. But, if you try horse riding, you realise that it’s a sport and a half! The effort that goes into riding a horse is crazy. You end up with a complete body workout, and you’re sore for days. Your legs work, arms get heavy, and it’s amazing for your abs.


Riding a horse will get you fit, fast. And, I’m going to help you get started. Once you have your horse, you need to do two things before you ride it. Stoneways horse specialists recommend that you get good insurance for the horse. This protects you in case it ends up damaging property or people. Secondly, you have to book some proper lessons. There’s no chance you’ll jump on a horse and know what to do. Get some lessons so you can stay safe and get fit without being injured!

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(Link: https://goo.gl/18oKaa)


The gymnasts in the Olympics are some of the fittest athletes out there. Have you seen some of the things they do? They tumble across the floor with grace and elegance. Then, they hold their entire body weight up and do flips on a bar with ease. It’s incredible and gymnastics is amazing for fitness.


Take up gymnastics and you will see massive changes to your body. You’ll get stronger, fitter, and a lot leaner too. Be warned, it’s a very popular sport, and there aren’t as many gymnastic clubs in Britain as you’d think. So, getting into one can be tough, but it’s worth the effort.


Give one of these sports a try if you’ve been inspired by the athletes at this summer’s Olympic games!


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