Beauty Tips to Prepare for a Big Night Out

Big nights out are great, but as we get older they don’t happen all that often. That usually means we need to make the most of the ones we do have planned. It’s nice to get all dolled up and make an effort, so use these beauty tips to prepare for your big night out:


Get Rid of Unwanted Hair


You can’t go on a big night out with unruly, unwanted hair there. Either grab yourself a home wax kit or invest in a good razor to get the closest shave. I always do my underarms, legs, and bikini line. The only thing I won’t usually do myself is my eyebrows. I have them done every month with a pro!


Get Your Glow On


There’s nothing quite like a healthy glow to go with a beautiful dress. It’s up to you whether you use a gradual tan, and instant tan, or a slow developing tan that you shower off. You could even go for a spray tan, but I wouldn’t if you haven’t had one before. You don’t need to go orange to get your glow on; there are plenty of tans on the market that give a wonderful natural glow. You can build it up darker if you like or stay light. While you wait for it to develop, why not try these 100 awesome bathroom activities?


Make Those Lashes Flutter


Long eyelashes make all the difference, especially in pictures. I usually buy a nice natural pair to glue on when I’m doing my makeup, but you could even apply lash extensions if you wanted an even more natural look. If you’d rather not have lash extensions at all, then simply curl your lashes well before doing your makeup. I like to heat my curler up with the hairdryer. Just make sure you don’t burn yourself!


Don’t Neglect Your Nails


Your nails are just as much an accessory as everything else. Don’t neglect them! Make sure they’re nicely shaped and painted. I like to get a good shape on mine by clipping them, and then perfecting them with the nail file. I think short nails look just as good as long nails if you shape them nicely and paint them to perfection! When painting, always use a base and top coat. 2 coats of colour will give you a more even application. Don’t touch the skin, but get as close to the cuticle as possible!



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picture author


Treat Your Hair


Treat your hair by using a moisturising treatment before you wash and dry it. Your hair will look healthier, stronger, and bouncier. After washing, use a round brush to blowdry. It should hold your style better too!


Whiten Your Teeth


A bright white smile is a must on a night out, especially when your friends love to take pictures. Home whitening strips are perfect for this, and they are affordable too!


Use these tips before your big night out and you’ll look amazing and feel fantastic. Thanks for reading – come back for more soon!

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