Stuck for ideas for your partner’s next birthday?

If your partner’s birthday is on the way, you might be panicking about the best way to celebrate it. Don’t worry – you are not alone, I always struggle to know the best ways to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday.




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Between picking a card, choosing a present and making the day special, planning the perfect celebration for your partner’s birthday can be tricky. While you might not struggle buying a gift for a friend’s birthday, when it comes to your significant other, making their day unforgettable is so much more difficult.


To help you celebrate your partner’s birthday in style, here are four fun ideas:


  1. Take him on a trip


If can get the time off work and can afford to book a break away, the perfect way to celebrate your partner’s birthday is with a short trip.


There are so many options to choose from, from a romantic getaway in a luxury hotel to a camping trip in the great outdoors – just choose a trip that you know he will love. Just make sure that before you book it, that you check your partner can get the time off work.


  1. Cook him breakfast in bed


If you can fry an egg and sizzle a sausage, why not cook your partner a yummy birthday breakfast? Find out what your partner’s favourite breakfast consists of – sausage, bacon, egg, black pudding, hash browns, etc., and recreate it. .


One of the best ways to a man’s heart is his stomach, so breakfast in bed is sure to be a success. If you partner prefers to eat out, consider taking him to one of his favourite breakfast bars.


  1. Throw a surprise party


One of the best ways to celebrate your partner’s birthday is with a surprise party. Throwing a party is an amazing way to celebrate, it’s fun, enjoyable and best of all, doesn’t have to be too expensive.


To throw the best surprise party ever, all you need to do is choose a venue, organise food and drinks, invite all your partner’s closest friends, and hire a band. Make sure to choose a band that you know your partner will like. For example, if your partner is a swing music lover, have a look at swing bands for hire. Or, if you partner loves rock music, think about hiring a rock band.


  1. Go for dinner


If you partner isn’t a fan of doing anything big for his birthday, why not take him out for dinner at his favourite restaurant? Not everyone likes a party, and that’s fine, going out for a nice meal can be just as enjoyable.


To make more of a celebration of it, perhaps you could invite a few of your partner’s closest friends and family along? Just because your partner doesn’t want a party, it doesn’t mean that he can’t celebrate with his nearest and dearest.


To be a success, a birthday celebration doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be something that you know your partner will enjoy.



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