These Boots Are NOT Made For Walking! Getting The Most Out Of Your Expensive Shoes

New shoes are one of lifes little pleasures, which girl doesn’t enjoy having a stunning new pair to wear and show off?! But taking care of shoes can be difficult. The very nature of them means they’re on the ground and being walked in, making them prone to all kinds of damage that we don’t have to think about with our other clothing items. When you’ve invested in an expensive pair, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep them at their best so you can get as much wear from them as possible. Here are a few tips for caring for your expensive shoes!




Don’t Wear Them To Busy Places

You might want to wear your gorgeous new shoes to a bar or club. But if it’s very busy and there will be people standing on your feet and spilling drinks, it’s probably not the best idea. Save your expensive shoes for places like restaurants or weddings where you’re not going to be surrounded by people all pushing and stepping on each other.


Don’t Wear Them in Bad Weather

If it’s particularly rainy, snowy or muddy outside it might be wise not to wear your most expensive shoes. Some materials, particularly those like suede can be irreparably damaged by this kind of thing. More hardwearing materials might be ok, but if you have a high heel for example bad weather could make you more prone to slipping. Which could lead to you injuring yourself as well as damaging your shoes!


Don’t Wear Them To Walk Long Distances

It goes without saying that the further you walk in your shoes, the more quickly they will wear out. If you’re wearing them for a special occasion and need to do a long walk to the train station for example, put a pair of lightweight flats in your bag. You can change into your expensive heels closer to the event without having to wear them right down with all of the walking.


Get Them Reheeled and Resoled Regularly

Even without too much unnecessary walking in them, the heels and soles will eventually wear out. Left unrepaired they can look scruffy and detract from the overall luxurious finish. After each wear, carefully inspect the heels and soles and when they need it, take them to a cobbler or shoe repair company. Preferably one who has experience in repairing in designer shoes, since they will be more familiar with the specialist footwear materials used.


Store Them Carefully When They’re Not In Use

When you’re not wearing them, keep your shoes put away in a safe place- in the box is often best. Store them in a place where they’re not being crushed or squashed. If you keep them away from sunlight, they won’t fade or discolour and will generally just stay looking nicer for longer. Depending on the style, you may need to invest in a shoe tree or prop up the straps with scrunched up tissue paper to keep their shape. Long boots can be stood up by putting rolled up magazines in the legs. This kind of care will stop shoes from curling, wrinkling or becoming damaged between each wear.


Do you have an expensive pair of shoes that you love? How do you take steps to keep them at their best?

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