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This Girl Can

What is ‘This Girl Can’? This Girl Can is a campaign powered by Sport England, encouraging girls and women across the country to get into more sports. I’ve always taken part in some kind of sport growing up, but I was really inspired by the adverts (below). They show women taking part in sport, giving their all, and I really… Read more →

Preparing for Your Destination Wedding: Look Your Absolute Best

A destination wedding can be much cheaper and less hassle than a wedding back home. However, there’s one thing all destination brides want: to look amazing! In a foreign country, the pressure will be on to look in shape and on point for your photos. It’s especially important if you’re having your honeymoon in the same place – you’ll be… Read more →

Bad Blood

May Favourites 2015

I know this is how everyone’s May favourites will start, but I honestly can’t believe we’re already half way through 2015! Anyway, here is what I’ve been loving in May!   Daddy-O Blonde Shampoo (Lush)   When I’m blonde, I like to keep it looking ashy, almost white. I’ve tried SO MANY products to get rid of brassy tones, and… Read more →

My gym bag

What’s in my gym bag?

One of my favourite themes for a blog or vlog is ‘What’s in my bag?’. I love seeing the purses, clutches and handbags, and what they include. Following this trend, I wanted to share the necessities I carry every day to the gym. Let’s get stuck in!   My gym bag I recently purchased this colourful Puma rucksack, and loved it… Read more →


The Most Effective Ways to Burn Fat

Burning fat is the only way to get a lean but shapely body. Skinny is so out, plus, it just isn’t healthy! When you focus on burning fat rather than burning calories and losing ‘weight’, you’ll look and feel so much better. Here are the workout tips that are guaranteed to work:   Work Out Before Eating   If you… Read more →


My March Favourites 

Whilst I’m recovering from a chocolate-induced coma, here’s a look at my favourites from the last month. Jabra ROX Wireless headphones I’ve been hitting the gym a bit harder than usual in March, and found that my headphone wires have been a bit of a nuisance. Always tangled, and I’m constantly dropping my phone when I move machines. Jabra sent… Read more →


Is ‘fitspo’ really that healthy? 

If you’ve used Pinterest, Instagram Tumblr or even Twitter in the last 2-3 years, you’ll have noticed the rise of posts tagged ‘Fitspo’. The term, implying ‘fitness + inspiration’, is almost a response to the previously popular ‘thinspo’, infamous for seemingly promoting images of eating disorder sufferers as ‘healthy and attainable bodies’.  But is ‘fitspo’ healthy, or are the posts… Read more →


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