Standing Out From the Crowd: Creating a Personal Style and Signature Look

We’ve all been there: that awkward moment at a party when you realize you’re wearing exactly the same outfit as someone else. This is something that most of us avoid at all costs. It conjures up comparisons between you and the other person, setting off the beginnings of endless “who wore it better?” conversations. But with the rise of high street fashion, it’s a situation that sadly keeps cropping up time and time again. But not to worry. It’s easy to put an end to this. All you need to do is craft a personal style and come up with a signature look. Here are a few tips and tricks to create a truly unique wardrobe that will help you to really stand out from the crowd!


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Vintage Clothing


Vintage stores and outlets are a great place to start when it comes to creating a unique style for yourself. Vintage clothes are generally one off pieces, meaning that you are extremely unlikely to see anyone else with the same style as you. But don’t just pick up any old item. There’s a thin line between quirky chic and items that you would likely see an elderly relative wearing. So know your look. Do a little research of the different eras and get to know desirable vintage labels to look out for. If the sixties cater well to your tastes, look out for St. Michael’s, Aquascutum and Biba originals. If the seventies are more your thing, search for deadstock Levi’s bell bottoms and old school graphic tees. Remember to check the quality of everything that you like the look of and try things on before taking them to the check out too. Vintage stores rarely offer refunds or exchanges so you will want to be sure that they fit and have fully functioning zips and no missing buttons or moth holes before paying.


Personalised Clothing


Ever had that frustrating feeling when you’re out shopping. You know exactly what you want, but chances are it doesn’t actually exist. If you’re creative, you probably conjure up all sorts of ideal items of clothing. So why not have them made for you? Try out  for high-quality, customized graphic tees. These will be a one off piece born from your own imagination. Perfect!


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Charity Stores


Much like vintage stores, charity stores can hold a few hidden gems from time to time. So always make sure to have a sift through their rails when you pass by. There are endless stories of people finding rare, designer goods for ridiculously low prices in these kinds of establishments. Who knows? You could walk in with loose change and walk out with a high-end handbag or designer dress that will truly wow your friends. If you find an amazing item that’s a little too big, don’t despair. You can always have it altered to fit perfectly for relatively cheap.


If you combine all three of these types of clothing, your wardrobe will quickly become a wonderland of stunning mix and match outfits that others will have a hard time replicating.

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