Don’t Fall For The Winter Spread!

Every year in January you see new gym offers, magazines full of bikini body secrets and ways to eat better for the upcoming summer months. It’s the talk of the fitness world: how to lose those excess pounds before you strip for the vacations you want to take. The thing is, getting fit and healthy eating doesn’t just happen once a year. You don’t need to get to the Fall and wait for the ‘Freshman 50’ to pile on, even when you’re long out of college.

Exercise and eating well can begin at any time, and if anything, you should want to stay motivated all year round. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas may be marketed as holidays that are full of food, comfort and alcohol, but that doesn’t mean the food you eat has to be rich and indulgent. The cold weather should also not put you off of working out outside, as working out in the colder air can be better for your body! If you prefer to keep a workout going and have the motivation year-round, why not grab some friends and sign up to Zumba workout dance classes? You can have fun and keep fit every week, and not just because a magazine tells you that if you don’t lose weight you’ll miss out on looking hot for the summer!



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Winter doesn’t mean you have to gain weight. If you’ve been steady on a healthy exercise and eating program throughout the year, then you don’t have to slow down and pack on the weight. Remember, you’re not a squirrel! You don’t need to gain for the long winter hibernation. Winter may mean comfort foods and heavier meals, but there are plenty of healthy winter recipes like soups and casseroles that you can find here so that you can stay on plan while eating well.

When it comes to those big holiday events and visiting family, all you need to do is adjust your plans. You may have a specific run that you do on a treadmill at the gym, so all you need to do there is slip on those sneakers and use the world around you. When it comes to weight, a lot of it can come from alcohol, so check out these alcoholic swaps so you can have a little indulgence without adding half a day of calories into your budget! There’s no reason that you should gain anything extra over Christmas and Thanksgiving either, as long as you stick to moderation and keep working out.

Remember to have fun when it comes to working out, especially as the nights draw in earlier and the cold makes you want to curl up in front of the fire. It may take you pushing yourself to keep those workouts going, but that’s the whole point of motivation. You don’t need billboards to tell you that it’s the right time to get fit and healthy; all you need is a solid ambition to stay healthy!

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