The Most Effective Ways to Burn Fat

Burning fat is the only way to get a lean but shapely body. Skinny is so out, plus, it just isn’t healthy! When you focus on burning fat rather than burning calories and losing ‘weight’, you’ll look and feel so much better. Here are the workout tips that are guaranteed to work:


Work Out Before Eating


If you want to burn fat, you should work out before you eat. Working out too soon after eating won’t have the best effect on your body. You should leave it around 2-3 hours to make sure your body is burning fat effectively. Before you go, take some BCAAs to stop your body from eating away at your muscle.


Keep Rest Periods Short


The shorter your rest periods, the better. If you’re lifting moderately heavy weights, which you should be, you should have around 1 minutes rest. Doing a heavy set of squats may require 2 minutes rest. Just don’t mess around and keep those rests short!


Work in the 12-15 Rep Range


There are different rep ranges for different goals. Working in the 12-15 rep range is ideal for burning fat while maintaining/building muscle. Muscle is a must for getting that shapely look! You should still find the weights difficult, but your form should not be compromised. 6-8 reps are best for strength, while 8-10 is usually muscle building.



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Practice HIIT


High intensity interval training is amazing for fast fat burning. You work all out for around 30 seconds, and then rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute. You do this anywhere from 6-10 times. It can be done on the treadmill, cross trainer, or bike. You can even do it outside without a gym membership! It’s so much quicker and more exciting than regular cardio too!


Don’t Do More than 30-45 Mins of Cardio


If you want to do some steady state cardio, you can. Just be sure you don’t do it for any longer than 45 minutes. Any good trainer at 24/7 fitness would agree with me. 45 minutes of steady cardio could be good for tapping into your fat stores, but any longer and you’ll hinder your results.


Drink Green Tea


Green tea has been praised for it’s metabolism speeding properties. If you consume a few cups of this a day along with a healthy diet, you’ll burn fat faster and up your health!


Up Your Water Intake


Take a look at your water intake and see if you can up it. Start off slow. For instance, if you only consume 1 litre per day now, start consuming 2. Try to work your way up to 3 – 3.5 for best results! Carry a big bottle with you so you remember.


Have 1 Cheat Per Week


Depriving yourself of your favorite food never did anybody any good. Have 1 cheat meal per week. This will keep you focused, motivated, and happy. Plus, it can give your metabolism a kick start and stop it from slowing down. Winner winner!


Get your fat burn on right now with these awesome tips!




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