The Evening Skin Care Routine You Should Be Following

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Does your skincare routine need a bit of work? Here is a foolproof guide to the steps you should be taking every single evening. Your skin will be healthier outside and in as a result. Read on to discover the routine….


Remove your makeup

Makeup is a wonderful thing, of course! If it has SPF properties, it can work to actively protect our skin. However, it is a sad fact that it can also be very responsible for causing harm. From blocking pores to causing breakouts, makeup isn’t always entirely innocent. That’s why removing your makeup is such an important first part. Leave a trace behind and it can cause real problems. That being said, don’t be too rough on your skin with removing your makeup. Take particular care around your eyes. Dragging cotton pads heavily over your eyes can damage the delicate skin here, which is not what you want. Be generous with the remover and patient. Taking your time and being thorough will stand you in good stead for the rest of the routine.



Once your makeup has been removed- including eye makeup- it’s time to cleanse. Now, there are lots of different cleansers you can pick from. Some foam, while others lather. Some go a long way with a single pump; others need a good few pumps. Some are scented, others are natural. It is a lot to do with your personal preference as to these things. However, it is crucial that you pick a cleanser suited to your skin type. If you have oily skin and use a cleanser for dry skin, you will only make your skin oilier! Similarly, if you have dry skin and use an oily cleanser, this will dry your skin out even more. Be sure to find out your skin type and keep an eye on it changing over the year.



Toner is a step that some people miss, but you shouldn’t! This is your very last chance to remove any excess products from your skin. It might be a bit of makeup you’ve missed from earlier. Or it might be a bit of cleanser that you’ve not quite washed away.



If you have spots, sore patches or any damage to your skin, how is the time to help them heal with a healing balm. Saviours like tamanu healing balm can be purchased from retailers such as Tropic Skincare. This balm and others repair dry and damaged skin. Putting it on in the evenings allows it to work overnight uninterrupted.



The final step is to moisturise. Skipping this step is never a good idea. It puts all of the necessary nutrients back into your skin that you’ve stripped out by cleansing. Be generous with your application! Apply in small, circular motions, but be careful of your eyes!

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Now you’ve put in all of that hard work; it’s time to rest. While not a product, sleep is a great healer for skin. Try and get 6 to 8 hours a night. In the morning, be sure to cleanse again.


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