Ever Dreamt Of Creating Your Own Band? Just Do It!


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Whether you’re a classic rock fan or a jazz enthusiast, nothing beats playing music yourself. Many music lovers spend years practicing instruments and honing their singing voice, but what’s the use if you don’t share it with the world? If this sounds like you, maybe it’s time to start a band!


Starting a band may seem like a pipe dream to some people. You might think you’re not young enough, or you’ll never make it. But you don’t have to set out to become the next Beatles. Starting a band can be a fun way to share your passion with other music lovers and show off your skills. People of any age and background can start a band. Here are some pointers.


Find Bandmates


Whatever musical skill you have, you can build a band around it. If you’re a guitarist, maybe you want to find a bassist and drummer to create a rock band. If you play piano, maybe you want to find brass instrumentalists for a jazz experiment. Either way, there’s plenty of ways to go with this.


You might fit into an existing band. People often look for bandmates through local ads. Some bands even advertise open spots online. All kinds of groups need people to play with them.


A fun way to start a band is to pool some of your friends together. You probably know a few people who can play instruments or sing. Jamming and making music together can be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.


Create Music


Now you’ve got the band together; it’s time to start making music. There’s plenty of cheap recording equipment you can set up in your house or garage so you can create a studio for your band.


Jam together and see how your musical styles mesh. Experiment with different things and see what you come up with. You might start with a bass line or a drum beat and build off of it. If one of you is an adept songwriter, you may want to write lyrics first then develop the music.


Remember that making original music isn’t the only option. Making covers together is a great way to express your love of certain songs. Sites like 911Tabs teach you how to play your favourite songs on guitar, bass, drums, and piano.


Get Your Tracks Out There


You might want to start by sharing your music on social media sites to friends and family. But there are plenty of ways to take your music further.


You could create physical copies of your music with services such as Nationwide Disc. You can get singles or albums made to start giving to listeners.


There are many websites to promote your music online. From Reddit to Last.fm, put your music up in as many places as possible to build up a fanbase.


Perform Live


The most thrilling part of being in a band is performing music live. Just like with planning any event, this will take some preparation.


Contact local venues and see where you might be able to play. Many bars and clubs often have local bands perform for them.
Co-starring for an established local band is an excellent way to reach out to new fans. You can also use live events as a way to promote yourself, so bring CDs and merch to hand out.

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