Why Every Girl Needs An ‘Adult’ Bedroom

It’s no secret that as adults, we become nostalgic for our childhoods – being a kid was just so easy. However, that doesn’t mean that we should stay living in our childhood bedrooms – no matter how comforting they might be. Once you hit your 20’s, whether you live at home or on your own, you need to create yourself an ‘adult’ bedroom.


Not convinced that it’s time to wave goodbye to those awful posters of your teen pop crush or all those teddies scattered around? Keep reading below for everything that you need to know about creating a stylish and sophisticated, adult bedroom.


Why an adult bedroom?

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Let’s start off with the basics; you need an adult bedroom because you are no longer a child. You might like living in yesteryear, but you’re all grown up now, and your room should reflect that. Think about it, at 22 do you really want to be sleeping in a twin bed? Or do you want your own luxurious double bed?


Being sad to let go of your childhood is normal, but sleeping in a teen bedroom in your twenties is not. You deserve a chic, stylish bedroom that not only reflects your personality but is also somewhere that you love spending your time in.


Changing the feel of the room


Spend some time browsing the internet for inspiration, sites like Pinterest are fantastic for this. Any ideas that you like the look of, save onto a document to refer to, later. Instagram is also great for design inspiration, so make sure to have a look on there


Think about the colour scheme that you would like to incorporate – steer clear of bright, bold shades. Instead, stick to muted tones. For a sophisticated bedroom, pastel colours, like powder blue and sherbert pink can work well. If you want to add extra style to the space, think about the prints and patterns that you could incorporate.


What furniture should you incorporate?


Swap your twin bed for a double – there’s something incredibly empowering about making the switch. Don’t just opt for any bed frame, take your time to find the perfect one. Think about your personal preferences, as well as the colour scheme that you have opted for.


When it comes to choosing a mattress for your new bed, don’t rush into it. It’s easy to see a design on sale and think it’s a bargain, but it’s important to opt for quality. For a good-quality mattress, check out these double latex mattresses.


As well as a bed, you’ll also need a wardrobe or chest of drawers and a bedside table. Before buying any of these pieces, take some time to think about the type of furniture that will work well with the design of the space. This will help to ensure that the pieces you pick, don’t clash with the rest of the room.


When we get to a certain age, we need to make the effort to give our bedrooms a makeover. We all deserve a stylish and relaxing bedroom, not a childish space.

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