What to expect from your first sports massage

First things first, I’ve never had a massage before.

Probably not a weird admission, but when I was recently approached to experience the treatments offered by Total Health Care Clinics, I was really interested.

But before we get into it, here’s a couple of things I’ve learnt since:

  1. Being nervous is fine.
  2. Bad posture can cause headaches.
  3. Carrying heavy bags on just one arm can actually affect the other side of your body.

Sports Massages

When I arrived at Bannatynes Gym in Peterborough, where one of the Total Health Care clinic’s is based, I was greeted by Matt – the extremely friendly, and very knowledgable, sports therapist.

After the initial consultation – everything from work styles and average hours sleep was discussed – I got a bit nervous, but needn’t have been. Although, you are essentially stripping down to your underwear in front of a complete stranger…

Matt was really knowledgeable. He chatted me through every massage, and highlighted why he was working on certain muscle groups more than others (turns out my muscles are affected from sedentary office work!). Once he’d assessed my posture, he worked on relieving any issues I had. I was pretty concerned I wouldn’t be able to relax, but I was made to feel really comfortable as Matt was extremely confident in his job. In total the massage lasted just over an hour, and everything from my legs to my neck was covered.

The next day

Matt warned me that, as with any massage, I might experience some stiffness or superficial bruising. Sure enough, I did feel a bit achey the next day, but 3 days later I have already started to feel the benefits. I was given some stretches to try out at home, and can safely say it was a great experience, and one I’ll probably take part in again.

You can find out more about Total Health Care Clinics here.

I would like to thank Matt and the team at Total Health Care Clinics for treating me to this massage!

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