Get In Shape This Summer Without Being A Gym Bunny

Summer is well and truly here. The days are bright and pleasant, you can spend more time outside to enjoy the sunshine, and you are relishing your new summer wardrobe. However, a couple of those tops that you bought back in the spring are looking a little tight. Before you freak out, think about what you can do to fix this. Heading to the gym induces a mild panic attack so explore the opportunities you have for getting outdoors, being active and monitoring your weight loss progress.


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Get Active


One of the best things about summer is are the lengthening days. Unlike winter where you don’t seem to see daylight at any point during the week, you are waking up to the dawn rays and venturing home after work to the evening sun. There are plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and do something active to stay healthy.


If you love walking and are lucky enough to live close by to beautiful scenery, why not pack a healthy picnic dinner and head out for a walk after work. You could find yourself walking a couple of miles before resting your weary bones. You can then rummage around in your backpack locating your blanket before sitting down to savour delicious halloumi fritters and a spicy couscous and lentil salad before venturing home.


If social sports are more your bag, join a local sports squad. You could play tennis, embark on an intense military training camp or simply head out for a jog with friends.




The most important thing when trying to lose weight through any form of exercise is having the right kit that will allow you to monitor your progress. This boosts morale and helps you to maintain your momentum when you see and feel the pounds dropping off.


Consider upgrading your mobile phone so that you have a range of health and fitness apps at your disposal. Specialist companies can do the research for you so you’re not bogged down with selecting from a mind boggling array of smartphones when you should be outdoors doing a 5k run. The new Zaggor algorithm can help source the perfect smartphone for you based on your bespoke requirements. Whether you want a top of the range bit of kit or a run of the mill smartphone, they will deliver your handset quickly and save you time and effort.


As well as the technology, you need to ensure you have the correct clothing. Opt for aerated clothing when exercising, and if it looks like a summer shower might be on the way, loose waterproofs are always a good idea. Don’t let a little downpour prevent you from getting outdoors and exercising.


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Stay Healthy


Make sure you always pay attention to your nutritional needs. Drink plenty while exercising and fuel yourself with a piece of fruit, nuts or a protein bar before undertaking anything particularly strenuous.


With a healthy eating plan and a timetable for keeping active this summer, those clothes will be fitting perfectly again in no time.


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