Gifts to Buy Your Unbearably Cool Friends

Everyone has that friend who’s impossibly cool. Maybe you even have several of them. Usually, you love them for their coolness, but when it comes to buying them gifts, you wish they were a bit more dull. It’s incredibly hard to purchase a present for someone who always knows about the next big thing before you do and does grown-up things like drinking wine. Ok, so they’re kind of a hipster. Whatever you choose to call them, finding the perfect present for them can be all kinds of difficult. Try some of these ideas to get some inspiration.


Not Your Usual Toiletries


Lovely-smelling things are often a go-to gift for any occasion. But a gift package from boots isn’t going to satisfy your uber cool friend. If you want to find something they’ll love, you have to avoid all the usual pharmacies and beauty shops. You might get away with something from Lush or somewhere similar. Try looking for handmade soaps or perhaps subscriptions services. They will deliver them something new every month. If your friend has a beard, you could consider some products to keep it pristine, like beard oil or shampoo. You could even have a go at making your own products, from soap to perfume.

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Joel Bedford


Jewellery and Accessories


Your cool friend is sure to put a lot of effort into their appearance – while making it look effortless, of course. Clothes can be a bit tricky to buy for other people, so it’s best to stick to accessories. If they have piercings (and they’re sure to have at least a couple), some new jewellery could be a hit. Pay attention to what they usually wear so you can find something that would suit them. And there are lots of other accessories you can get them, from funky socks to scarves and sunglasses.


Music, Books or Films


This could be a risky one, but your friend will love it if you get it right. If they have a deep love for music, books or films, they’ll enjoy something to add to their collection. To be safe, ask them if there’s anything they want. But if you want to keep things a secret, have a sneak around what they already own. You could get them an album they don’t have by an artist you know they like. Or you could buy them a book or movie similar to something they own. Try using a recommendation tool like the one on Amazon.


Anything Handmade or Artisanal


If you want to make sure you get a unique gift, don’t go shopping in high street stores. You’ll be better off looking for independent shops and market stalls. If you can’t find them when you’re out shopping, it’s easy to do it online. Places like Etsy are great for finding handmade items, from candles to hats. Food and drink are excellent options too, whether it’s cupcakes or infused vodka.


Don’t worry too much about choosing your friend a present. If they’re a good friend, they’ll appreciate whatever you give them.

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