Girls Should Play More Sports! Here are Some Great Options Ladies!

Competitive sports have long been seen as something unwomanly. They are associated with a male-dominated arena, and it’s often thought that women’s sports are less meaningful. But, in recent years, we have seen a huge surge in popularity in women’s sports. This was most likely helped by the 2012 Olympic Games, as well as the successful women’s football World Cup.

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Furthermore, in recent years celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence have admitted to being very sporty. So, as you can see, women’s sport appears to be on the rise. So now might be the ideal time for us girls to think about taking up some sports. There are hobbies I’ve been dying to try for ages, and taking up a sport is certainly one. These are some great sporting options for all the ladies out there.


Netball is the classic female sport, and many of us will have played it at some point. Going through school and college you probably were part of the netball setup. So, why not think about taking it up again now you’re a bit older?! Netball is an excellent way to keep fit, have some healthy competition, and interact with other ladies.


One of the healthiest sports imaginable is swimming. If you look at how good swimmers bodies are it’s pretty obvious what the benefits are. Being in the water is very good for cardio, and you will get nicely toned as a result. Your local leisure centre will allow for swimming lessons and public swimming. They will most likely have a swimming club you can join as well. This will give you a chance to compete in swim meets and really develop a love for the sport.


If you’re looking for the perfect sport to do with your friends, then football is it. It’s the ultimate team game and provides a lot of enjoyment and competition. One of the best things about it is that it is an easy and inexpensive sport to start up. And think about how great you and your friends will feel wearing your football medals at the end of a successful season.


If you see yourself as a bit more of a lone wolf you might consider taking up tennis. This is perhaps the ultimate individual sport for anyone. You can play all throughout the year these days with indoor courts. Find a reputable tennis club near to you and take out a membership with them. Now you’re ready to take your own road to Wimbledon!

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Track & Field

Another great sport you might consider in the interests of keeping fit is track and field. There are a lot of running clubs and sports clubs you could join. Athletics has become much more popular since the Olympics. So why not take steps to get as fit as you can, and enjoy some track and field events at the same time.

Sports are often seen as being a male dominated thing, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of options for sports that women could do. If you take a look at this list, you will see plenty of possibilities. Women’s sports are emerging in recent years so you will have plenty of company and possibilities. Enjoy your journey into sportiness now!


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