Giving Thanks With Kind Gestures – More Than Just Words

Most of us say thank you several times each day.


We thank strangers for holding the door open for us. And we thank the kids when they put their breakfast bowls in the dishwasher. But when someone has gone above and beyond the common courtesies, you might feel overwhelmingly grateful. Those are the occasions when saying thank you simply isn’t enough. You want to show that person that their caring actions have made a real difference to your day. There are lots of different ways you can show someone how grateful you really are.

A gift can go a long way to repaying an act of kindness. The best thing about giving a gift is that it can be perfect no matter what age the person is. Websites like OhMyGift specialise in gifts for lots of different occasions. So what makes a great gift to say thank you? Something thoughtful and useful is often best. If you know the person well, consider giving something that is special to them. Maybe it is something associated with their favourite hobby or pastime or even a photo in a frame. Or maybe it’s something you know would be a real treat to them. Show them their special to you with a special gift for them.


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It may seem like a cliche, but flowers actually have a special meaning, creating a message that is special for the recipient. Putting together a bouquet can be done simply by your local florist. Or maybe you would like to select specific blooms that you know the recipient is particularly fond of? Flowers can be presented in special gift boxes, vases or pots to make them extra special. Why not order a special delivery at their place of work or at their home as a lovely surprise?

Inviting the person you want to thank to come over for dinner is a lovely gesture. You can toast them at the meal and spoil them with lovely food and wine. If you invite others over as well, you can make it a special occasion in honour of your guest you want to thank. It means you can turn it into a big event or a small intimate evening that can show your guest of honour just how grateful you are for their assistance.

Many people have become accustomed to giving cards as a way to say thank you. Why not go a step further and pen a letter, a poem, or just a few extra words to show your gratitude. Sometimes we just don’t realise how much our kind actions can really help another person. If you can put that feeling into words, the person who helped you will undoubtedly be very touched that you took the time to do so.

Thanking someone is a simple way to acknowledge their effort and kindness in making your day a little easier and better. When you want to show that gratitude fully, you might want to offer a gift, a special meal, or just a heartfelt letter of thanks. How do you say thanks?

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