A Guide to Making Your Gym Outfits More Interesting

One thing I love about going to the gym is putting super cool outfits together. It makes a nice change and breaks up the boring black/neutral outfits that I see so often in the gym. It gets me motivated to go, and if I decide to take progress pictures they turn out nice and colourful too! Here’s a guide to making your gym outfits more interesting:


Colour Co-ordinate


Sometimes when I get ready for the gym, I like to colour co-ordinate. These means wearing a matching top/bandana/shoes. I feel really put together when I colour co-ordinate and like to try out different colour combinations. Use a colour wheel to work out what goes well together! If you’re trying to co-ordinate, I recommend using no more than 2 colours in your outfit to stop it from looking haphazard.


Clash Colours


You can also use a colour wheel to workout what colours clash well too. Yep, sometimes I like to clash! Well, I say I like to, sometimes I don’t have a choice depending on what’s in the wash that day. Clashing colours can be a lot of fun too and it certainly gets you noticed.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 16.29.17



Patterned Leggings


Patterned leggings are my favourite. I love going out of my way to find the craziest, most colourful patterned leggings out there. When I’m wearing crazy leggings, I’ll usually wear a plain top or a colour top that ties in with a colour in the leggings. That being said, black can really bring out the bright colours of the leggings, so don’t underestimate that either.


Customise Your Clothes


Why not customise your gym clothes to make them stand out and look amazing? Maybe you have a top or something that you absolutely love the fit of, but it just isn’t funky or fashionable enough. You can add things like swarovski hotfix crystals to make your outfit stand out. It doesn’t take much effort and you’ll have an expensive looking gym outfit in no time.



I also like to layer my gym outfits. Layering regular outfits is a great way to add interest, so it works for gym outfits too. I might wear a cropped hoodie over a long tank top, or an open sleeved hoodie with a sports bra underneath. Sometimes I might just tie a hoodie around my waist to accentuate it and add interest. You can still be fashionable at the gym, so try out different ways of wearing your clothes.




Why not put some thought into accessorizing your gym outfits? You can use armbands, hair accessories, gym gloves, and more to make an impact and finish off your outfit.


I hope you liked this post and from now on you’ll go out of your way to make your gym outfits more interesting. It’s always nice to feel great at the gym, and I give it more effort if I feel good! Any ideas of your own to add to this post? Leave a comment below. See you again soon!

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