Ideas for a Gorgeous Wedding Venue

One thing that really helps your wedding to stand out, is the venue decor. Do you imagine the perfect decor on the day? Are you surrounded by tons of things that you find beautiful? Maybe you don’t have many ideas yet and you’d like a few more. You’re in the right place! Check out these ideas for a gorgeous wedding venue decor:


Fairy Lights


Fairy lights always add a magical atmosphere to a wedding venue, whether you’re putting them up in trees or in a bedroom. If you want to add that same magical element to your wedding, find a place to put them up. They create the most romantic, twinkly setting and your guests will love them too!




Having greenery included in a wedding is unusual, as people mainly focus on flowers and colourful things. That being said, greenery can look amazing. If you can find some false vines and similar items, snake them around pillars and borders to create a gorgeous effect in the wedding venue! You can even use herbs, leaves, and other greenery instead of flowers if you want a more earth toned, natural wedding.


Have a Water Feature


Having a water feature somewhere close by can help to promote a tranquil feeling. Many people recommend having one by the door to help guests to feel more relaxed as they enter the building. The sound of the trickle of water is always a lovely sound to relax to.


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Lots of Candles


Candles also add to the atmosphere, just make sure they are supervised at all times. You definitely don’t want to create a fire hazard! Be smart about where you put them in your wedding venue and research health and safety issues first.


Use Your Favourite Fabrics


Collect some of your favourite fabrics and use them to decorate your wedding venue. have some nice materials you can use for tablecloths and chair covers. You have lots of choice, so make sure you explore your options!


Display Pictures


Display pictures that mean a lot to you in the venue so guests can get an idea of what you have been through together as a couple. These will look lovely on the same table as the guest book, or you could even place a single picture on each table.


Chalkboards as Backdrops


Having a chalkboard as a backdrop at your wedding venue might sound strange, but it can look amazing in pictures! If you plan on having any of the pictures in black and white, it works great here too. Ask each guest to draw or write on it if you like. It’s totally up to you!


Paper Lanterns


One or two paper lanterns will look a bit naff, but a roof full of them will look incredible! They are very cheap too, so you can create this look even on the tightest of budgets.


Are you ready to make your wedding venue look incredible with your decor? Use these tips and you’ll love the results! Come back soon – thanks for reading!


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