How To Keep Your Summer Body Long After The Summer Disappears

Being British, I know only too well how important it is to take advantage of the summer. Here in the UK, the sun only comes out to play for a few months of the year! That means drinking in the sun, hitting the beach and socialising with the girls, which are three of my favourite past times. It also means that I need to get in shape for summer because I want to look my best.


As August turns into September, however, a thought hit me: why not try and keep my summer bod all year round? From a health and fitness point of view, it couldn’t make more sense. So, I did a bit of research on maintaining my figure and here’s what I found.


Examine Your Habits


On paper, our habits should not change depending on the season. In practise, they do, which is why we tend to look better in the summer. The thought of flashing skin on the beach is enough to scare any self-conscious man and woman into action. During the winter, though, we can cover up our flaws with a couple of extra layers. These are just short-term techniques, and although they might give off the desired perception, they are not helping your body.


To stay fit and healthy all year round, you need to create a solid routine that you can stick to, regardless of the season.

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Keep Moving


Again, during the summer we tend to move a lot more. There is one obvious reason and that is the nice weather. I don’t mind walking at all; I just hate having to walk in gale force winds and the cold rain! For most of the year, then, I usually use some alternative form of transport that doesn’t involve getting soaked! But, the result is that I don’t get as much exercise as I do during the warmer months. To keep the weight off, you have to do some form of exercise at least once a day.




When you exercise, it is important to recover as quickly as possible. Once you recover, you can then begin to train again. And, the more exercise you get during the week, the easier it is to maintain your weight and fitness. Of course, the fitter you get, the more efficient your body will become, and you will start to recover naturally. But there are alternative techniques, like amino acid supplements. Supplements are essential because they imbibe the muscles with nutrients that you lose during your workout. As a result, they will recover dramatically.


Regularly Weigh Yourself


Only by weighing yourself can you tell whether you are putting on weight. Sometimes, we can feel it as our jeans or favourite top gets a little tighter. However, that might be because it shrunk in the wash. We can always hope! By hitting the scales on a regular basis, you can catch the weight gain before it is too late.


Winter can be depressing enough without having to deal with weight issues, too.


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