Make Updating Your Home More Affordable With These Ideas

When it comes to our homes, it’s only natural that we want them to look beautiful. After all, we have to spend our time in them, so we deserve somewhere that’s nice. However, when money is a little tight, the idea of updating your home can seem impossible. Sadly, paint, new flooring, furniture, and accessories don’t come cheap.


That being said, just because you haven’t got a big budget to work with, that doesn’t mean that you can’t update your home. Yes, you’ll have to be careful of your spending and smart about your decorating, but upgrading your home is doable.

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For everything that you need to know about remodelling your home on a budget, keep reading.


Get creative with your furniture


Often, the most expensive part of updating your home is the cost of new furniture. A new sofa can cost anything between £500 and £5000, sometimes even more. A new coffee table can be over £100, as can a new rug. Replacing your kitchen table can set you back between £200 and £900. You get the idea, home furniture is incredibly expensive.


To make it more affordable to update your furniture, learn to give old pieces a new lease of life. Revamping might sound tricky, but actually, it’s incredibly simple. The best thing about it is that as well as doing up old wooden pieces, you can also update your sofa. This is a little harder than upcycling wooden furniture, but the results are amazing. With the right covering, your sofa can look brand new. For all the best revamping tutorials, have a browse on YouTube.


Buy second-hand


If there is something that can’t be saved with a lick of paint and some creativity, attempt to find a replacement second-hand. Buying pre-loved pieces might not be something that you like the idea of, but trust me, the money you’ll save makes it worth it.


eBay often has some amazing second-hand pieces of furniture, so make sure to have a look on there. You will also find that local Facebook selling groups, often have second-hand pieces for sale for low prices. Most of the time, these items are in fairly good condition.


Buy now, pay later

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Have you ever thought about using catalogs to buy bits and bobs for your home? Whether you need a new table lamp or some interesting pieces of wall art, sites like Littlewoods and Very can be fantastic. At the moment, there is a Gopher Deals discount that will boost the amount that you have to spend on the site.


How it works is that you apply for a credit limit, get given a suitable amount and then can use this to buy items for your home. This can then be paid off over the next few months in small payments, making your purchase more affordable. Buying items for your home now and then paying for them later is a great way to make decorating a little more affordable.


Believe it or not, even if money is tight, you can still update your home. All it takes is some smart thinking and creativity; that’s all.


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