Methods For Looking After Your Body That You May Not Yet Have Considered

We all know how important it is to drink loads of water, eat fruit and exercise. This advice is drilled into us from countless magazines, guides, blogs and industry experts. We hear it all the time, and from it, we decide which bits to listen to.


But what about a few alternative methods? After all, these basics can’t be the only ones out there! Indeed, there are a handful of alternative methods for looking after your body that you may not have considered yet.


In this guide, we’ll look at some alternatives to boring gym sessions that can be just as effective for your fitness levels. We’ll also look at an alternative to spending a fortune of different lotions and potions for your skin. Finally, we’ll look at an alternative to dieting!

aerial yoga

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Say no to… the gym

Say yes to… Pole Dancing or Aerial Silks classes

Are you a real gym bunny, who genuinely looks forward to going every couple of days? Do you thrive off the loud music, the people and the atmosphere? If so… skip onto the next point. However, if you are more like most people out there, the gym is likely not your favourite place in the world! So, find a fitness method that does excite you. No, we’re not talking about finding a local swimming pool or running club. Do something a little fun, and a little different. How about taking pole dancing classes? Or joining a class teaching you how to use Aerial Silks!

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Say no to… dozens of lotions and potions

Say yes to… a dedicated skin specialist

When it comes to looking after your skin, you’ve probably tried lots of different things. There was the oils craze, and the facial brushes craze, along with many more. In your quest for perfect and flawless skin, you’ve probably built up quite the collection of lotions and potions. This will likely be true whether your aim is to beat dark circles, blackheads, signs of ageing, or something else.

Here is an alternative. Stop spending money here and there on things that probably aren’t going to work (again!). Instead, put that money where you know it will be effective- a skin clinic. Here, for the same money as all those little bits and bobs, you’re getting a whole lot more. You’re getting top products and specialists who know what they’re talking about and treatment methods actually proven to work. Places like Dr.Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinic will do a consultation with you first, so your treatment is suitable in every way.


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Say no to… strict diets

Say yes to…sensible eating

If you don’t already know by now that strict dieting is going to end in tears (yours!), it’s time you learned it! It’s not enjoyable; it robs you of the food that makes you happy. When temptation gives in, you end up back at square one. A wise alternative isn’t to try a new diet. It’s to start dieting in a new way. This Huffington Post article explains it really well. Give it a read, and try out this wise alternative.


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