Necessary Tips For The Panicking Student Moving Far From Home

Are you moving from home to experience the big bad world of University all by yourself? Are you freaking out about having to learn how to live independently? Lots of us have been there before and can tell you from experience that it gets a lot better if you let it. However, you have to work to get over that hump in the meantime and stop panicking. Everything becomes a lot easier when you have the answers in front of you, so here are all the answers you need.

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Getting you and your stuff there

The move itself can be a big part of stress for anyone moving to a brand new place, especially if it’s far away. If you have to fly and you have lots of stuff you want to take over, don’t clog your journey up with tons of baggage. Student shipping can take your stuff over for you. Do your research on the taxis and public transport systems of what will now be your home. In fact, familiarise yourself with the area as much as possible. When you start recognising stuff, it makes it easier for you to build that geographic context that’s important for feeling at home.

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Starting to live frugal

As a student, the chances are that you will have to start learning how to live broke. The other option is burning through your grants and maintenance shockingly quick. Don’t be afraid to shop for cheaper brands than you might be used to, for one. Learn how to capitalize on all kinds of savings. This could mean scouting the priced down goods of a shop just before it closes for the day to saving on your home appliances.

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That means budgeting, too

It’s not just enough to learn how to spend less money. Now you’re taking care of your own finances, you have to start taking care properly. Learn how to make a budget and all the different costs that come into your average day, week and month. With proper foresight and recording, you’ll avoid most of the nasty financial shocks students can get into. You might even find yourself with a little more spending money now and then.

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Coping with homesickness

Of course, there’s a chance that it’s not the practical stuff that gets to you but the emotional. If you’re feeling homesick, you’re coping with the same thing as just about every student who goes travelling. Everyone suffers it at different times and for different reasons. There are ways to combat it, however. Start getting out of your room, for one. Jogging can be an excellent way of fighting it since it keeps you fit and ingrains the environment into that homesick head of yours. Keep in contact with those you’ve parted from, too. It can be just the pick-me-up you need.

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Finally, enjoy being a student

There are tons of benefits to being a student. As well as a never-before-felt sense of freedom, there are some very material benefits. Get used to handing out your student card, because it will give you all kinds of discounts and extras. Living frugally is all the easier when you know where you can cheap, yet awesome stuff.


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