How to Organise A Charity Sports Event

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Charity sports events are great ways to get communities together, promote good health and fitness and to raise money for a good cause. If you have thought about turning your hand to organising a sports charity event in your local community here is how to go about it.


Careful Planning


As the success of events is in all in the careful planning then this is the best place to start. Getting pen to paper, start going through all the details of the event and what the purpose is, what your budget it, what are your objectives and what sort of sport activity you want to organise and get people involved in. To ensure that your fundraiser is a winner, all the details and event elements must be carefully planned in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly and there are a minimum amount of unexpected surprises as you go along.




One of the first things that you should be planning in for charity events is establishing the purpose of why you are organising the event. Is this going to be a solid fundraising event or do you have other goals too? Maybe you just want purely to raise money for the charity of your choice or for a local cause, or maybe you want to gain publicity, or perhaps you want to establish a community in your local area that can get involved in sporting activities together in the future.


Most charitable event will have more than one goal. So getting down the purposes for your event is really important as all the arrangements will revolve around these objectives.


Fundraising Goal


One of the biggest objectives that you need to plan for is the amount of money that you want to raise. Although you will need an event committee, organisation staff and key fundraisers, as this is your first fundraising event you will need to be working towards enlisting the help of local volunteers and friends that will help you for free. There will be expenses involved in organising a sports charity event however so those costs will have to be deducted from the amount of money that you manage to raise. So think about your fundraising goal and work towards meeting that goal, whilst not forgetting that costs will have to be deducted from that total at the end.


Target Market & Promotion


You will also need to establish who the people are that you want to get involved in your local sports charity event. Is it going to be extremely challenging, suitable only for local athletes and those very fit and healthy? Or are you wanting to organise a sports event that everyone can get involved in, from children to parents? So think about the type of sport events that you want to organise, who that event will be suitable for and then get to task promoting your event to those people.


If you are targeting local athletes then use local sports shops, gyms, local sport publications and radio to advertise this event. If it is for the general local community then your promotion can be much more broad in order to let the good, local folk know about your event and get your community looking forward to your fantastic charity, sports event.


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