Perfect Gifts for Interior Design Lovers

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Everyone knows someone who loves interior design. They always want to improve their home, and they lust after things they won’t ever be able to afford. Their main dream is to get a new kitchen or perhaps build a house from scratch. It’s always great when you know someone with a passion for something when you need to buy them a gift. You just need to think about what they like, and it will inspire you. But even then, you can get a bit stuck. What if everyone else has the same idea as you? If you need a gift for the interior design lover in your life, try some of these suggestions.


Magazine Subscription


There’s nothing someone who loves interior design enjoys more than looking at glossy pictures of interiors. They spend all day doing it on Pinterest and their favourite websites when they should be working. Get them a magazine subscription and they’ll have lots of design porn to drool over anytime they want. Plus, they’ll get some interesting articles to help them keep up with the latest trends. It doesn’t have to be a subscription to a physical magazine. Most publications now offer a digital version they can download onto their computer or tablet.




The most obvious gift to get someone who loves interior design is something they can put in their home. There are so many things you can buy them that they can use practically or display for purely decorative purposes. Have a think about the style of their home before you get them anything. For example, Heaven Sends gifts have some great shabby chic items among their collection. But some people might prefer a more sophisticated and modern look. Listen out to see if they drop any hints because there might be something specific that they’re after.


A Shopping Trip


If you don’t know what to buy them, but you want them to have a present they can hold, why not take them shopping? They can pick out something they like, and you can buy it for them. They get your company and someone to listen to them enthuse over all the things that they love. If you don’t fancy going with them, you could give them some vouchers that they can spend on what they like. Find out what their favourite store is and load up a gift card for them.


Your Time


Interior design lovers always seem to be working on their home. But it’s sometimes tough to do when there’s no one else to help. If they have a project in the works, you could offer to assist them and join in. Perhaps they want to repaint one of their rooms or they need some help collecting a piece of furniture they’ve bought. They’ll appreciate any help you can give them, and you get to spend some time together too.


Think outside of the box to find the perfect gift for your interior design loving friend. You’ll soon be able to come up with something that they appreciate and enjoy.

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