Be A Role Model And Help Others Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle

If you’ve changed your life for the better, you know how challenging it can be to do it alone. Having the support of other people is important whether you’re trying to lose weight or start a healthier lifestyle. Without it, it can be easy and tempting to give up and return to your bad habits. So now you have reached your own goals, why not help your loved ones do the same. If your parents, partner or friends are struggling with dieting or fitness, use these tips to be the best role model possible.

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Talk about your experiences


Offering insight into your experiences can be an excellent way of supporting someone during this change. Talk about the benefits you have gained from losing weight or improving your fitness. But also talk about which aspects of the change you found difficult and what pitfalls you might have experienced. You should also discuss what you do to stay healthy and stop yourself from returning to your unhealthy lifestyle. Let your loved one ask you questions and try to answer as honestly and truthfully as you can. While it’s good to talk, also remember to listen carefully and don’t judge your friend or partner for their choices. Remember you once were in the very same position they are in now.


Congratulate them on their successes


Reaching even small goals is a big achievement when someone is overhauling their life. So ask your loved one to keep you updated with their successes, no matter how insignificant they think they might be. They can let you know when they’ve reached a personal best in the gym or when they hit a weight loss target. Having someone to congratulate them on reaching their goals can provide motivation to proceed. When they reach a major diet or fitness goal, why not reward them with a trophy, flowers or a spa day. This will make their day and shows that you are proud of their achievements too. For ideas on how to celebrate your loved one’s success, look at Trophies Plus Medals online or search for deals at local spas.

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Offer your help


As you have been through this transition previously, you are in a fantastic position to offer help to your loved one. Instead of presuming how to assist them, ask them openly if they need any assistance. They might ask you to teach them how to make healthy snacks or ask if you would join a fitness class with them. Alternatively, they might need someone to talk to about why they have been making bad lifestyle choices for so long. But don’t be discouraged if your loved one does not initially accept your offer. They may need more time to adjust to the change they are making so try to be patient and keep the offer open.


Being a role model to others is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Especially if it helps to improve the health and lifestyle of the people you love. So draw from your experience and offer support to help others reach their goals, just like someone did for you.


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