Who Said Only Athletes Could Have A Sports Career?

If you’re not happy with your 9 to 5 office job, it’s still time to change career and do something that really excites you. More often than not, when people think about embracing their passions, they picture creative professions only. But don’t be fooled! Embracing your passion in your career doesn’t mean that you have to be enthusiastic about creative hobbies only. Say, for example, that you love staying fit and exercising, or that you’re an experienced snowboarder. You don’t need to be a professional athlete to turn sports into a successful and exciting career. Here are four ways to put sports at the centre of your everyday work routine.


Personal trainer in Melbourne


Help someone achieve their dream figure

Did you know that the Millennials are the more fitness-obsessed generations? Their natural digital-savviness is at the origin of multiple activities tracking and calories-counter devices. But more importantly; they’ve made gyms trendy again for a large portion of the population. A lot of new gym comers sign up with the objective to lose weight and improve their body. And that’s precisely where someone with professional training in fitness can become useful. A personal trainer is not a commodity that is reserved for Hollywood film stars anymore. More and more people need a personal trainer to stay motivated and find the right workout.


Professional fundraiser for charity

What are you doing this weekend? Someone you know might be running for cancer, or climbing to new heights to raise awareness for dementia. Whatever it is, charity sports events have become a trend. But charity events need to be carefully planned and organised to be successful. There’s nothing worse than inviting a team to a marathon and realising at the last minute that the media have not been informed about it. Sports for charity is the mixture of clever marketing and challenging activities. So what better way to support important causes than sweating with the support of the public?


Running is caring


Jogging all the way up to mental stability

Mental health is a dark beast that infiltrates every layer of the society, from a colleague who struggles with depression to a friend who battles an eating disorder. But thankfully, you don’t need to be an expert psychotherapist to help. Research has demonstrated that physical activity can help to improve mental health treatments. In fact, you could simply offer a 30-min yoga class or a Zumba session to make a great deal of difference.


Winter in the Alps

Have you considered seasonal activities instead of the same old routine every day? With the right ski instructor training, you could join some of the best ski schools in the Alps and enjoy a snowy winter on the slopes every day. Ski instructors tend to work between November and early April, which leaves plenty of time to relax during the rest of the year or even take another seasonal job, such as summer ski instructor or hiking guide in the mountains. How do you feel about a season of powder days and amazing snowfall?


Snow snow snow


No, this is not a suggestion that you should quit your day to day job to start a sports career. But if you love sports and you want to do something else than sitting at your desk every day, then it’s definitely an option to explore!


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