Student Loan Evaporated? These Money Saving Tips Are For You

It’s that time of year where many students will find that their bank balances look rather worrying. But with exams fast approaching, taking on another job doesn’t sound too appealing either.


Your only choice is to start using money in a more responsible manner. It might sound a little daunting. However, making those necessary cutbacks will make a huge difference to your life. Follow these five tips, and you should see quick improvements.

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Use The Library


Reading material doesn’t come cheap. Worse still, you won’t ever use them books after finishing this year. Quite frankly, it’s an expense that you could do without. And you can cut it out by simply using the library.


Not every book will be available. But you can always contact someone from the year above and borrow their book in return for a pint or two at the Student Union bar. It might even come with the notes too. Or you could download a free ebook version.That’s got to sound better than paying £25 from the nearest bookstore.


Cycle To Lectures


Buses, taxis and car parking can all be very expensive. This is especially true when those student loan funds are quickly fading. One of the best ways to overcome this is through cycling to lectures. Not only is it cheaper, but it’ll help you remain fit too. And a healthy body should kick your brain into gear too.


Buying a bicycle isn’t overly expensive, but you should still protect it. Cycle insurance will keep you covered. With the summer term fast arriving, it could be one of the best investments you ever make.


Make Savings At Home


Different students have different living situations. If you’re living in halls, then you only need to worry about food and a few other essentials. If you’re in your own place, though, it’s time to make savings on home appliances and other items too.

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There’s nothing worse than wasting money. Start changing habits by improving your home situation, and the rest will soon follow suit.


Use Student Discount


Student discounts are one of the best perks of being a student, yet so many let it go to waste. If there’s only one change you implement with immediate effect, make it the increased use of student discounts.


Why on earth would you pay more than you need to. I don’t care if it’s buying a Big Mac or a MacBook. If the retailer is willing to give you money off, take the offer with open arms. You’ll be amazed at how much money you’ll save.


Enjoy Pre-Drinks


You need to take financial responsibility, but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the student life. The key here is to find balance. One of the best ways is to start embracing the idea of pre-drinks. Not only does it save money, but it can also provide a lot more fun. This is especially true when playing games like beer pong.


Drinking this way will cut the costs of your nights out in half. Besides, you’ll often find that you don’t even need to hit the club for fun. Whatever you do, though, remember to drink responsibly.

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