Summer Hair Care: The Best Kept Secrets

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We should be taking good care of our hair all year round. The health of our hair and scalp can say a lot about our health, well being, and how well we take care of ourselves. But in the Summer, it is more important than ever. Our scalp and hair are likely to be working overtime in the hotter months. The scalp can be producing excessive oil to protect against heat, sun damage, and irritation. But the ends of the hair in particular can become dry and damaged during warmer seasons. Whether short, long, fine, or coarse, your hair can become one of your best features. Spend a little extra time and attention on it with these hidden tips and tricks, and it will look effortlessly beautiful all Summer long.


Plait (Braid) Your Hair When You Sleep


A good night’s sleep is always essential for our overall health. But the way we sleep can have an impact on our hair too. Many long-haired girls find that they feel smothered by their hair when they leave it down. But they feel restricted and uncomfortable when they tie it back. The key is to find some middle ground by plaiting the hair before bed. Shorter haired girls can either plait a few separate sections or wear a headband. Although leaving our hair loose at night can relax tension in our scalp, tossing and turning can cause breakages. A tight bun or ponytail can weaken the hair at the roots, and even leave us with a headache! A plait ensures that the hair is off our face but not tugging on the scalp. It keeps the follicles smooth and will be more manageable in the morning too. If we have hairpieces like micro ring hair extensions or tape extensions, we should be especially careful not to tug the hair. Remove all accessories and gently brush the hair before bed to minimise any tangles that could worsen in the night. Invest in a silk pillowcase too if you want to add shine while you sleep!


Use A Hair Mask


Hair masks might only seem like an option for excessively dry hair. If we have oily roots we may not consider ourselves a good candidate. But during the Summer, the ends of our hair can need an extra boost. Applying a mask to these areas can repair existing damage and also help to prevent further problems. We don’t have to apply the mask to the roots of our hair if we’re concerned about oiliness. We can buy a hair mask from a trusted stylist or company, or even fashion our own with natural ingredients. Egg white, honey, and coconut oil are all famous for adding a healthy shine and softness. We can spritz our hair throughout the day with a hair oil that contains SPF too to avoid any colour warping or sun damage.


Stay Hydrated


The effects of your diet and hydration rapidly show in the state of your hair. During times of heat and dryness, it is especially important to stay hydrated. Our hair can become brittle and dull if we are not taking in the best nourishment. Ensure you’re taking in vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and a good amount of water.

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