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4 Reasons Your Skin Doesn’t Look As Healthy As It Could Be & How To Fix It

Does your skin look a little tired, shall we say? If your skin isn’t looking it’s best, the chances are there’s a reason behind it. Skin requires a lot of care and nourishment to stay looking and feeling good. And so, if it doesn’t look its best, there’s normally something that’s causing the problem. Can’t put your finger on what’s… Read more →


Why We Take Photographs To Capture Our Lives

Photographs let us capture important events in history and our personal moments in time. Invented in the early 1800’s, photography has come on in leaps and bounds. No one could have imagined the scope we have today. With the advent of iPhones, editing Apps, Facebook and Instagram, photography is now a huge part of our daily lives.     Photography… Read more →


Can fitness ever really be free?

L&G have conducted a study and found one of the first things people give up when faced with financial difficulty is their gym membership.  Surprising? Not for me. Yes, I now live further away from my gym than when I signed up, but I found that financial stress meant I had less willpower to go to the gym at all… Read more →


The Liebster Award

Firstly, thanks to the lovely Haydn AKA Squibb Vicious  for the nomination!    The Liebster Award, if you aren’t aware, is an award for bloggers from bloggers. Below are my answers, as well as my nominations – I can’t wait to read your responses!     I nominate Deb, Ria (Urban Butterfly), Jasmin (Just Lovely Little Things) and Louise. The questions… Read more →


Elegant greys

Elegant greys by alice-brazier featuring black suede shoes Cédric Charlier snap button shirtmodaoperandi.com Viktor Rolf skirtfarfetch.com Gianvito Rossi black suede shoes$695 – brownsfashion.com Maria Calderara engraved necklacefarfetch.com Read more →


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