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Why We Take Photographs To Capture Our Lives

Photographs let us capture important events in history and our personal moments in time. Invented in the early 1800’s, photography has come on in leaps and bounds. No one could have imagined the scope we have today. With the advent of iPhones, editing Apps, Facebook and Instagram, photography is now a huge part of our daily lives.     Photography… Read more →



The weather in the UK has gone from ‘beer garden hot’ to snowing in the last 7 days, so outfits this week have been pretty hit and miss.

On paper, black and navy can sound quite dull – but with the right clothes it can look classy. I chose grey tights as an alternative to a bare leg or dark opaque black for a daytime look.

If I was going to wear this outfit at night to an event, I’d wear black wedge heels, and dark black tights – but I’d keep the sequinned jacket.

Let me know what outfits you’ve been wearing recently in the comments box below!

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!

A x

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