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Who Said Only Athletes Could Have A Sports Career?

If you’re not happy with your 9 to 5 office job, it’s still time to change career and do something that really excites you. More often than not, when people think about embracing their passions, they picture creative professions only. But don’t be fooled! Embracing your passion in your career doesn’t mean that you have to be enthusiastic about creative… Read more →

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3 Big Mistakes All New Gym-Goers Make

Making the decision to join the gym is one that can benefit your life in multiple ways. You can use your membership to increase your fitness levels, help you to lose weight and make new friends. It’s also a fantastic way of trying out new sports and exercises that you’ve never experienced before. However, if you’ve never been to the… Read more →

Preparing for Your Destination Wedding: Look Your Absolute Best

A destination wedding can be much cheaper and less hassle than a wedding back home. However, there’s one thing all destination brides want: to look amazing! In a foreign country, the pressure will be on to look in shape and on point for your photos. It’s especially important if you’re having your honeymoon in the same place – you’ll be… Read more →


The Most Effective Ways to Burn Fat

Burning fat is the only way to get a lean but shapely body. Skinny is so out, plus, it just isn’t healthy! When you focus on burning fat rather than burning calories and losing ‘weight’, you’ll look and feel so much better. Here are the workout tips that are guaranteed to work:   Work Out Before Eating   If you… Read more →


Is ‘fitspo’ really that healthy? 

If you’ve used Pinterest, Instagram Tumblr or even Twitter in the last 2-3 years, you’ll have noticed the rise of posts tagged ‘Fitspo’. The term, implying ‘fitness + inspiration’, is almost a response to the previously popular ‘thinspo’, infamous for seemingly promoting images of eating disorder sufferers as ‘healthy and attainable bodies’.  But is ‘fitspo’ healthy, or are the posts… Read more →

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This Girl Can

I’ve always loved sport. Mostly team sports, with friends, but it’s true – I love working out. However, as I left full time education, working out has got harder as I’ve got ‘older’ (I’m 24, so not old – but you get my point). I now have to make time to go to the gym, play the team sports I’ve… Read more →

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Gym essentials

I know it might sound like an excuse to go shopping, but I’ve always found that a new gym wardrobe makes me want to work out even more. Anything from a new pair of trainers, or some running tights, can get me out of bed and willing to hit the cross trainer (unless it’s a Sunday…) So, I’ve put together… Read more →


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