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My March Favourites 

Whilst I’m recovering from a chocolate-induced coma, here’s a look at my favourites from the last month. Jabra ROX Wireless headphones I’ve been hitting the gym a bit harder than usual in March, and found that my headphone wires have been a bit of a nuisance. Always tangled, and I’m constantly dropping my phone when I move machines. Jabra sent… Read more →


Is ‘fitspo’ really that healthy? 

If you’ve used Pinterest, Instagram Tumblr or even Twitter in the last 2-3 years, you’ll have noticed the rise of posts tagged ‘Fitspo’. The term, implying ‘fitness + inspiration’, is almost a response to the previously popular ‘thinspo’, infamous for seemingly promoting images of eating disorder sufferers as ‘healthy and attainable bodies’.  But is ‘fitspo’ healthy, or are the posts… Read more →

Work out

This Girl Can

I’ve always loved sport. Mostly team sports, with friends, but it’s true – I love working out. However, as I left full time education, working out has got harder as I’ve got ‘older’ (I’m 24, so not old – but you get my point). I now have to make time to go to the gym, play the team sports I’ve… Read more →


Can fitness ever really be free?

L&G have conducted a study and found one of the first things people give up when faced with financial difficulty is their gym membership.  Surprising? Not for me. Yes, I now live further away from my gym than when I signed up, but I found that financial stress meant I had less willpower to go to the gym at all… Read more →

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 13.59.26

Gym essentials

I know it might sound like an excuse to go shopping, but I’ve always found that a new gym wardrobe makes me want to work out even more. Anything from a new pair of trainers, or some running tights, can get me out of bed and willing to hit the cross trainer (unless it’s a Sunday…) So, I’ve put together… Read more →


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