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Become a Makeup Pro With My Tips!

Becoming a bit of a pro with makeup is something just about anybody can do these days. There’s that much info out there for people who want to learn, you can create professional looks in no time! Here are some of my tips to help you become a pro with makeup:   Watch YouTube Videos and Tutorials Youtube videos and… Read more →


Can fitness ever really be free?

L&G have conducted a study and found one of the first things people give up when faced with financial difficulty is their gym membership.  Surprising? Not for me. Yes, I now live further away from my gym than when I signed up, but I found that financial stress meant I had less willpower to go to the gym at all… Read more →


The Liebster Award

Firstly, thanks to the lovely Haydn AKA Squibb Vicious  for the nomination!    The Liebster Award, if you aren’t aware, is an award for bloggers from bloggers. Below are my answers, as well as my nominations – I can’t wait to read your responses!     I nominate Deb, Ria (Urban Butterfly), Jasmin (Just Lovely Little Things) and Louise. The questions… Read more →


Windy weather ruined your ‘do?

It’s always the way. You spend ages sorting your hair in the morning, straightening, curling, styling… to get out of the house, and to work, uni or college, only for the weather to get between you and a reasonably looking hairstyle. Then you’re left with messed up locks, making you wish you’d spent that half hour in bed, keeping warm…… Read more →

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Winter Make-Up Trends

So, I’ve spent most of this week debating with several groups of friends what I should, or definitely shouldn’t, wear to Christmas parties this December (yes, my life is that interesting!) However, the only thing I can decide on is the make-up and nails – something dark. I know most people dye their hair darker when the weather gets colder,… Read more →


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