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3 Big Mistakes All New Gym-Goers Make

Making the decision to join the gym is one that can benefit your life in multiple ways. You can use your membership to increase your fitness levels, help you to lose weight and make new friends. It’s also a fantastic way of trying out new sports and exercises that you’ve never experienced before. However, if you’ve never been to the… Read more →

This Girl Can - Alice Brazier

This Girl Can

What is ‘This Girl Can’? This Girl Can is a campaign powered by Sport England, encouraging girls and women across the country to get into more sports. I’ve always taken part in some kind of sport growing up, but I was really inspired by the adverts (below). They show women taking part in sport, giving their all, and I really… Read more →

My gym bag

What’s in my gym bag?

One of my favourite themes for a blog or vlog is ‘What’s in my bag?’. I love seeing the purses, clutches and handbags, and what they include. Following this trend, I wanted to share the necessities I carry every day to the gym. Let’s get stuck in!   My gym bag I recently purchased this colourful Puma rucksack, and loved it… Read more →

Work out

This Girl Can

I’ve always loved sport. Mostly team sports, with friends, but it’s true – I love working out. However, as I left full time education, working out has got harder as I’ve got ‘older’ (I’m 24, so not old – but you get my point). I now have to make time to go to the gym, play the team sports I’ve… Read more →

A French Mani…with a twist

I love a french manicure. Peach or nude are my favourites, but either way – it will always be a classic look. I’ve always experimented with colour, and recently I wanted to see what shades would work well with a French manicure. I’d tried dark raspberry and black before, but the colours/shade was so similar that it didn’t stand out…although… Read more →

Outfit – Work (August)

Hi! Today I opted for a simple outfit for work. Minimal accessories, just a grey oversized handbag and my glasses. (The image is available below…) I wore a black pencil skirt from DP, with a really understated peplum – great if you want to try the trend, but don’t want a really over the top peplum. The top was a… Read more →


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