7 Things I’d Love to Try This Summer

I love the fact that people have bucket lists. It’s such a great idea for those who want to experience new things. There are all sorts of different types of bucket list too. Things to do before you hit 30, things to do in the winter. You get the gist! I thought I’d put together a mini list of stuff I’d love to try this summer. Now that it’s officially here…


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  1. A Bungee Jump

I’m in two minds about this! Obviously it would be an incredible experience and adrenaline rush. It’s also a pretty daunting prospect. It’s one of those things that you just have to accept is scary and get on with. This girl can! Summer is the best time to bungee jump because it’s less likely to get rained off. There are some kind of cool places around the world you can do this too. You can start off small with an indoor one, then go for something more daring.


  1. Scuba Diving

How amazing would it be to explore the depths of the ocean? All of the beautiful sea life and perhaps even some shipwrecks! Okay, so you might not get to see a tonne of stuff under the UK seas. However, a trip abroad is the perfect time to go scuba diving. You can learn in a pool before they take you out into the sea as well. At least that way it won’t seem so scary.


  1. Full Moon Party

The pictures of Full Moon parties in Thailand make it look absolutely fantastic. It’s basically just a huge party on the beach. This is the kind of thing a lot of uni students do in their gap year. You’ll also see plenty of seasoned travellers at a Full Moon Party too. They happen every month during peak season, so you have to time your holiday just right.


  1. A Helicopter Ride

There’s something so awesome about seeing the world from the air. Even when you’re going on holiday on a plane, it’s fun to look down. There are plenty of available flights in a broad range of different themes. You could fly over the Lake District, historic houses or even a football stadium. You get a much better view than in a plane, too.

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  1. Festival Fun

Summer is the perfect time for music festivals. Of course, Glastonbury and Reading are some of the biggest events on the calendar every year. However, there are some smaller independent festivals I’d love to check out. It’s not just music either. You’ll find fashion and art festivals are becoming extremely popular too.


  1. Hot Air Balloon

When the evenings get longer, you tend to see a fair few hot air balloons in the sky. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to float over the town in one of those. You can buy packages that include dinner and champagne too. Although, not sure if eating up in the air is a recipe for disaster.


  1. Glamping

It’s really cool to visit the countryside and be ‘at one’ with nature. However, camping isn’t necessarily the best way to do it. Not when there’s glamping! You can stay in a yurt or little wooden hut, that’s been designed for luxurious camping. You can even take your hair straighteners.


These are just 7 of the things I’d like to try out this summer. Although there are plenty more! Which ones will you be adding to your bucket list?


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