Top Tips To Slim Down For The Party Season

With only a few weeks left until the party season begins, it’s time to work on fitting into that incredible dress. There may not be any miracle solution to shedding a lot of weight in that time, but you can improve your figure and your confidence. There are lots of things you can do over the next few weeks to look slender and toned in your favourite frock.


Instead of resorting to cosmetic surgery, start by tackling your diet. If you’ve already been caught red-handed in the mince pies, it’s time to change your ways. Save the Xmas yummies for the big day. Instead, stock up on all those gorgeous winter vegetables that are cheap and delicious at this time of year. Vegetable soups are easy to make at home. Try to have one every lunch time with some whole wheat crackers or bread.

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Fill your dinner plate with vegetables too, to help you feel fuller as you take on more activity. To slim the thighs, start with some squats. This can help create good shape and definition to your quads. It’s good for creating the ultimate bubble butt too. Add some extended leg raises in all four directions to tone the legs and slim your backside.

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Head outdoors in the cold for some more activity. Brisk walks twice a day are a great way to get the heart pumping. This improves the circulation and shifts all your food through the digestive process quicker. Add two or three jogging sessions a week to the mix to increase your fitness and extend the fat burn.


Use weights for your arms. Muscle looks better than flab, and it helps speed up your metabolism too. Build up your strength to improve the appearance of your arms. Weights don’t need to be heavy. Even a couple of tins of beans can be enough to create a little work for the muscles. You could try Pilates for additional strength and core training too.


Yoga is a great way to improve your posture ready to wear that dress. Office jobs leave us hunched over and slouching. Use a couple of classes a week to strengthen your posture and tone every part of your body. For something that really revs up the body, you could also try a boot camp. According to Prestige Boot Camp, this kind of fitness programme can help motivate you to carry on as part of your lifestyle.


As the party season approaches, you can also treat yourself to a few exercise classes to help burn off some more calories. They are great fun, and you can meet some like-minded people. Zumba has been popular for a while now, so there are plenty of classes available locally to you. If you don’t like working out with other people, why not try to fit in a couple of swimming sessions a week? Swimming is great for toning the back if your dress shows yours off.


It’s not too late to get started with a party season slim-down. Combine different exercises and diets to maximise the benefits of each. Have a great Christmas!


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