Top Tips For Staying Healthy On A Budget

If your new year’s resolution was to adopt a healthier lifestyle or stop your bad eating habits, you should be getting into the swing of it by now. You may or may not have realised just how expensive being healthy can be. With fast food and ready meal prices being considerably lower than many healthier options, it’s easy to see why some of us would get tempted by the cheaper less healthy food on offer. Thankfully there are things you can do to keep the costs of your new healthy lifestyle down. Follow these tips to make sure both your bank balance and your body remain fit and healthy.


Download some free health apps


We all use our smartphones every day to stay in touch and keep ourselves entertained. The app store on your phone is jam packed with applications that are designed to help you track and maintain your health and fitness. The majority of these are free to download and have a whole host of uses. Calorie counting and meal planning apps are perfect if you’re trying to lose weight. Some apps can help you reach your eight glasses per day goal, and Fitness trackers can document your progress in many physical activities. Even something as simple as a pedometer can be downloaded and encourage you to move more. No matter how you want to improve your lifestyle, there will be a free app to help you.

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Grow your own


Growing your own soft fruit bushes and vegetable plants can save you money and assist you in eating a healthy varied diet each day. Instead of always buying overpriced fruit and vegetables from your local supermarket, you can have your own supply in your garden. It is said that the taste of homegrown produce is often superior to that of shop bought, and the health benefits are vast. So having even a small patch where you can grow your own will encourage you to spend less and eat more goodness.


Go shopping when you aren’t hungry


If you shop when you are hungry, you are more likely to buy more food than you need. You will also be more tempted by snacks and drinks that are not good for you. This can put a huge strain on your budget, and you could end up with more food than you actually need causing excess waste. If this is something that happens to you often, avoid the temptation by shopping when you are full. Eat a high value food that has little calories such as soup before you go to stop your overindulging.

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Shop around


Without shopping around to compare prices on your weekly shopping, you may be missing out on a better deal elsewhere. Budget supermarkets have become popular in recent years due to their lower prices on everyday items. So take the time to compare products and prices from a budget supermarket to your regular supermarket. You may realise you could save a substantial amount of money by shopping elsewhere but still getting the quality you want.


These top tips will make your new healthy lifestyle more budget friendly and make you happier and healthier in no time.


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